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May 30, 2004

Sara Brightman shines in Beijing

Her new collection is a perfect blend of musical elements from India and the Middle East.

How did Mumbai Central assistant director die?

Nadia Khan (27) was knocked down by a local train when she was shooting for Kaizad Gustad’s film near Mahalaxmi station on May 25. However, a complaint lodged by the film crew at Tardeo police station says she died in a road accident.

I’m the kind of a girl guys like to take home to their moms...

In a career spanning almost a decade, Rani Mukerji has done some significant and some indifferent films.

Steve Nettleton on a witch hunt

In some tribal societies in India, the uttering of a single word can ruin someone’s life, or end it altogether.

Who killed Leona Swiderski?

A year ago, the US model was found strangled by a Mumbai highway. A fresh arrest is prising open a transnational tale of contract killers, love and million-dollar insurance fraud.

May 29, 2004

The Najma Food and Foreign Junket Bill

Ms Heptullah's office runs up a canteen bill of Rs 38 lakh in four years, she gets the government to sanction Rs 90 lakh every year for her conferences abroad; all bills now under scrutiny.

May 27, 2004

Quite late in the day, but...

Former colleague, now 'television reporter and aspiring romance novelist' Nidhi Taparia in The Sunday Express on blogging.

Television reporter and aspiring romance novelist Nidhi Taparia, 26, says blogs invite honest and varied comments and involve others in the creative process: “When people identify with my thoughts, it reassures me about the direction of my writing and validates my feelings.”

Only the beautiful need apply

newyorkish.com on a Thai restaurant on First Avenue which has advertised for waitresses.

Sexy Louise is hottest babe in a decade

Footballer Jamie Redknapp's wife beat Kylie Minogue, Kelly Brook and Jennifer Aniston to land the FHM magazine title.

May 26, 2004

Hair woes? Blame your parents

Misbehaving hair may be inherited.

Meira Kumar: Only woman in the cabinet

Just one woman representative at the top. It’s sad, shocking, ironical.

May 25, 2004

Who was there at Naomi Campbell's birthday bash?

It was literally a circus. Among the guests was hotelier Vikram Chatwal.

May 24, 2004

Spears goes Kosher

The pop singer has dumped the controversial Atkins diet.

May 21, 2004

Prison for policeman with handbag fetish

A court doctor confirmed that he had detected an advanced sexual disfunction in the defendant.

May 20, 2004

A ball of yarn, two needles, and a latte

There's something beguiling about the way the shop called Knit New York melds retro and modern: the jazz warbling in the background, the metal trash can with its swingy lid. Knitting itself seems decidedly old-fashioned. But the unexpected textures and colors of yarn, the shiny espresso machine, and the bamboo-filled vases all speak to something more contemporary.

Meet theater's one-woman UN

Sarah Jones' neighbors wonder about the voices floating through the walls of her West Village apartment. Could a neurotic Jewish grandmother be living there with a Mexican union organizer? Not to mention the proud Russian man? And a soft-spoken Chinese mother? And the fiery young Australian who recites bitter 'love poems'?

The Diary of Alicia Keys

After shopping around a variety of book ideas, Alicia Keys has sold two of them to Putnam. She'll release the book The Diary of Alicia Keys, her reflection on her childhood in New York's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, her early musical education and rise to stardom, as a hardcover by fall of next year, with a paperback edition to follow in 2006. Her book of poetry Songbook will be published as a hardcover this November
(Courtesy: mtv.com)

May 17, 2004

My year as a star

Monica Ali's debut novel Brick Lane has enjoyed extraordinary success since its publication last June. Marianne Macdonald meets the author, and finds her strangely unmoved by her new-found celebrity.

'Salman is a darling'

Actor Bhumika Chawla on how Abhishek declared love and Salman's promoting her.

May 14, 2004

Neerja won't return: Mother

Old wounds have opened up for Rama, with a US court sentencing a Jordanian to 160 years in prison for his role in the hijacking of a PanAm flight on September 5, 1986, in which senior flight purser Neerja Bhanot was killed.

I've forgotten Italian: Sonia

In a remarkable balancing act that Italians are reading as a gentle, if understandable put-down to the country of her birth, Gandhi granted one of her first post-victory interviews to La Republica, Italy's leading centre-left daily.


50 writers tell tales of their public humiliation. Bestselling novelist Margaret Atwood shares three of hers.

Women still outnumbered, underpaid in IT

What can companies do to attract the female persuasion?

May 13, 2004

Pearl mourns for Berg's family

Slain reporter's widow tells crowd: 'Violence doesn't end violence'

In Her Own Write

This is how Kate Lehrer copes with living with her husband Jim Lehrer, a well-known television newsman and ultra-prolific novelist. She daydreams.

India votes Sonia

The Congress itself was surprised by the election results. The Bharatiya Janata Party, I feel, deserved the treatment the electorate gave it. I have never seen a more over-confident party go to battle.

Photograph courtesy: Jewella C Miranda/rediff.com

May 12, 2004

'I believed in Indira Gandhi because...'

P V Narasimha Rao on 'the actual harbinger of change.'

May 11, 2004

To take a husband's name or not

The great thing about being a bride today is that we get choices denied to women in earlier generations.

Specialist nurses on way from India

A controversial trawl for Indian mental health nurses to work at Worcestershire psychiatric hospitals has been hailed a success, with 13 offered jobs in the county.

Naghma directs cartoon film!

South Indian actress Naghma is dabbling in lots of things these day's.

'Those girls from Delhi and Shimla will always be underdogs'

Kareena Kapoor looks sun-kissed in a golden pant suit and blonde streaks. She’s also carrying two cellphones. ‘‘One number is personal,’’ she confides.

May 10, 2004

Farah Khan nominated for Tony

She becomes the first Indian to be nominated for the most prestigious theater award in the United States. She was nominated, along with Anthony Van Laast, for her work in Bombay Dreams.

New Editor at Bombay Times

Vinita Dawra Nangia's name appears in the imprint line. Ayaz Memon, we understand, is now totally incharge of Sports at The Times of India. The buzz in media circles is Vinita Dawra Nangia, who? Well, Google Search tells us she wrote The Times Food Guide -- Hyderabad. She earlier was (or wrote for) The Hindustan Times and Eastern Times.
Nangia used to head The Times' Medianet, which basically takes money for plugging any news item/photograph in the paper.
Some years back, the editor at The Times of India Pune edition was replaced by a person from the marketing department.

Watch out! Here comes Madhuri

After a long hiatus, Madhuri will be back in show biz.

Bush and womens' issues

Once again, the Bush administration seems determined to make things difficult for women in America.

Mob Ladies: Women's Roles in the Italian Mafia Are Growing

In Italy, the first-ever study on women in Italian organized crime
reveals that women are rising up the ranks to leadership positions. This is both because the mafia is changing, and women are changing the mafia.

Good Men Desert St Stephen’s, Women Take Over

Three years back, when a woman followed two before her for the admissions interview, St Stephen’s principal Anil Wilson worried if the time had come for a segmentational shift. Wilson and senior staff decided that if the next applicant was a man, they would stand up in welcome. (He was!)

Priyanka: The most charismatic campaigner

Leadership remains in short supply in the India. By far the most charismatic campaigner I travelled with was a person not even standing for election: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Both she and her brother Rahul represent the best and worst of India’s democracy.

Mallika exposed: These are the true lies

When Reema Lamba decided she wanted to make it in Bollywood, she knew she would need a new look, a new name and a new story.

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